The New Direct

Our point of view on "the new."

The long-standing definition of direct marketing is out the window.

The direct response discipline is currently driven by an evolving marketing landscape where the interaction of response, engagement, sales, and measurability is blurring the lines between direct marketing and general advertising. Neither is quite the same. It’s a whole new world. Or is it? more

Nearly all communications today are direct.

They all target a segment of consumers or businesses, attempting to generate a first step response or action to engage with the advertiser. To approach any marketing communication today without direct marketing discipline limits a consumer’s motivation and options to respond, and a marketer’s ability to track meaningful response and actionable data. more

You want, and should get "It All."

That is: the power of new approaches plus traditional accountability and results. It’s not asking too much. We see no reason to discard traditional disciplines in order to embrace new media. more

Wondering how you can leverage our innovation and experience?

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